We bought our house in Čestětín twenty years ago. It also included extensive pastures, at that time without a tenant and quite neglected. We didn't have a better idea than to do a training race track for our boys there (you can still see it on some satellite images today). The whole house had to undergo an extensive renovation so that we could make full use of its potential. Many of our loved ones told us that it was not a good idea, we were in the middle of nowhere, only forests and pastures around. And that's what is so amazing about this place. That silence and peace. We are nature lovers and we spend our free time mainly in nature. For many years we lived here only on weekends, and the house was under massive reconstruction. We didn't have much time to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding. From March to November, we lived practically in a camper and traveled all over Europe. Our boys raced, so we were at a different race every weekend. Altogether three championships at once - the championship of the Czech Republic, the championship of the Central Europe and the European championship. We traveled a lot, but once it just got enough. We decided to finish the house and finally "settle" at home. But we are not the ones able to do nothing and enjoy the peace and quiet at home. So we bought sheep and set up the kennel in belief that it keep us at home. We have taken only a tiny piece of our land, which we can certainly procure with work and other activities. We rent the rest of the land and graze Limousine beef cattle on them. We care about our surroundings, which is why we are happy for great tenants who run organic farming and take care of everything with great love and care. We also try to do what we can to praise not only the beauty but also the functionality. We started preparing the boundary of the plot for planting trees. Like everyone else, we are affected by the problem of water scarcity and drought. And so, we try to put our hand to the work at least in this way to help retain water in nature. At the same time, it will serve for many other animals, either as food or shelter, and at the same time we will create a shade for our animals as well. This year, we also restored the spring of the Leopoldov brook in an effort to create a permanent and natural source of water for our animals. Unfortunately, the tenants of the next field decided to turn a land that had been used as pasture since time immemorial into arable land and began to use heavy machinery. In doing so, they caused seemingly invisible but considerable damage. The inflow is therefore almost negligible and in fact during the drought there is almost none. However, we have other ideas in our pocket on how to fix it and we believe that we will succeed in the end. We try to live with all modern technologies and conveniences always in harmony with nature and as ecologically as possible within the possibilities we have. We are lucky to live in such a beautiful place, surrounded by animals and a forest that has many gifts for us every season.