Lavender field

We bought the lavender together with the bees. We didn't have any big plans, but we thought that it would "serve" very well for the bees. In 2019, we planted 450 lavenders. The field, directly on the pasture, consists of 300 French lavender (lavandula intermedia grosso). We do not plan to expand it yet, we want to wait until the plants grow to full size. So far, it looks promising and the local stone-sandy soil obviously testifies to them. Another 150 pieces we planted on the hill behind the house, opposite the pasture. In this case, it was lavender (lavandula angustifolia). Other cultivars we have tried are grappenhall lavender and white lavender (lavandula angustifolia Edelweiss). During the spring and autumn cutting, we tried to make our own plants from cuttings, several of them were nice, so in 2020 we added another 150 pieces. At the same time, this year we managed to distill 50 ml of pure lavender oil from 600 two-year-old plants, which we will use in our own home cosmetics. We play with the idea of producing organic cosmetics not only for our personal consumption, but also for you, but it mainly depends on how the plants will thrive in the future. In the season (June-July) you can come to see the blooming lavender and sit directly on the field, enjoy the beauty of the surroundings or animals. We will be happy to offer you a glass of quality wine. As wine lovers and collectors, we found many winemaker friends while traveling. You can taste their wines at ours. You will find wines from Italy, from the winery Cantina Pisoni, Endrizzi, Cantina Nino Negri, Cantina Dorigati and many others. From the Czech wines can offer wines from Kvapil or Kosík wineries.