Why did we actually buy sheep? We said to ourselves that there are quite a few breeders of this breed in the Czech Republic, but how many do they actually use as livestock guardians? There are only a few of them. There aren't even many who have them, at least near livestock. We do not say that we breed shepherd dogs in the true sense of the word, but we bought sheep mainly so that the dogs bred by us were not completely unfamiliar to their original function. In 2019 we bought the first three Suffolk sheep. After we brought them home, we have built a shelter, solved the fencing, and ensured the needs for the girls to “survive” the winter. We didn't put the dogs straight to them. We started lightly, at first only for a while on a leash, gradually without a leash, for days, and finally as well during night. After all, it was quite newexperience for sheep as well. They didn't trust us or the dogs, we chased them a few times, because they got scared so they jumped through the electric net fences. But it all just took time to understand each other and get used to each other. Today they come to us for scratching, or to check, if we don't have something good for them. We found that it is actually quite a "maintenance-free" and undemanding animal. In 2020, we bought another five pieces, this time Charollais. We do not want to expand the herd, the part of the pasture occupied by us is very abundant for this number and with the born lambs it will be just enough. We do not plan to buy a dairy breed, mainly because it would get our hands have tied. Bud we don't say, that we won't expand our herd in the future by some more sheep, goat or other farm animals.