Our story

The Pyrenean mounain dog is a part of our family since 2000. Our first dog wasn’t a typical representant of the breed, but still, he enchanted us and we didn’t wanted any other breed. Our first Pyr has been approved as a stud male and used in his birth kennel. All the matings with him took place at our home. Two years later we have imported a female from France, to mate them together, but unfortunately, we didn’t succeed. We tried to separate them for some time, in belief that it will help and moved her to our distant family. Not even the change of the habitat helped and she never gave us puppies. Meanwhile her “part-time” owners fall in love with her, so she has returned to them and lived a long and happy life as a companion with her new owners. The dog stayed alone on the yard and we decided to get another dog to company him. Our children convinced us to try another breed, a smaller one. So, we choose a crossbreed golden retriever female. Our Pyr raised her in his own specific way. As the time passed, we realized that the temperament of the Pyrenean mountain dog suits us more than any other. Although, we love her, she’s been always a great guardian, and even now, when she is an old lady, she still lets us know about any suspicious noise or movement with her shrill bark. The death of our first Pyr (and the fact that she would be alone) lead us to get our third one. It was clear from the very beginning that his is one of his kind. He had a very untypical temperament and exterior, so as his health was very poor, so we decided to quit any breeding ambitions at least for a while. As both of them were getting old, we thought that it might be a good idea to bring some new, young blood to the yard. But this time, not only we got a new dog, but also renewed all our old breeding plans so as we come with many new ones. We started to focus much more on the breed, study it properly, reading books, listening to other owners and breeder’s opinion and knowledge. We discuss with them and learn from their experiences. We can see, that many of them have different opinion on many things, but the all have one same, the huge love for the breed. Speaking to breed specialist was also a very pleasant experience for us. They have assured us that they are never too tired or busy to answer any questions about the breed or just simply have a dog talk. No doubts, that our own experiences will truly push us forward. Unfortunately, we can’t avoid the bad experiences as well, and maybe they give us more, than the positive ones. We try to widen our knowledge at least a little bit every day and we are thankful that we have enough time and space for it. One and a half year after our decision to start our own breeding, we have been enriched with a bunch of knowledge so as some bad experience. Our kennel has been approved in 2019 under the registration number 729/19. And why “Treehouse”? Come and visit us, and see the explanation yourself.