Astazou z Farmy u Stromodomu

12. 8. 2021

Sire: Bastán Patou Von Traumberg (Xico de Alba de los Danzantes X Alba Patou Von Traumberg)

Dam: Rodentáli Zippa (Rodentáli Bagó X Wonderwhite's Kind of Magic)

about Astazou

Keeping Astazou, for us Míša, was completely unplanned. When anyone interested having him called me, I told them that he is already reserved, even he was not, then I considered co-ownership, but his charming look convinced me that he belongs to us. Although I planned to keep a male from the next litter, I could not let him go. I am very happy that he stayed with us, he is more and more beautiful every day and I am very happy with how is he  developing. Míša got his name from his father Bastán, who is also called Míša at home. Ours is so named mainly because he is very similar to his father and I am already looking forward to see him growing into a charming and strong male.

Health examinations

Health examinations will be done in February 2023 and published in this sections.


30. 4. 2022 - Club Speciality KCHMPP Mladá Boleslav - puppy class - VP1  (Thomas Becht), chosen to best 6 from over 20 puppies in BIS Puppy judged by Anna Kochan

3. 4. 2022 - MVP České Budějovice - puppy class - VP1 (Lenka Fairaislová)

6. 3. 2022 - KV KCHMPP Lysá n. Labem - puppy class - VP1 (Karel Hořák)

6. 2. 2022 - DuoCACIB Brno - baby class - VP1 - Antonín Karban

5. 2. 2022 - DuoCACIB Brno - baby class - VP1 - Otakar Vondrouš