Astella z Farmy u Stromodomu

12. 8. 2021

Sire: Bastán Patou Von Traumberg (Xico de Alba de los Danzantes X Alba Patou Von Traumberg)

Dam: Rodentáli Zippa (Rodentáli Bagó X Wonderwhite's Kind of Magic)

about Astella

Stela was born as third, and the first with markings. When she "came out" of her mother, Jitka declared the holy words "You're probably going to keep this one, aren't you?" without knowing how many and what kind of other girls will be born, I knew from the very first second she took her first breath that it was HER, the ONE, our star, our Stela. Stela's name was chosen to her by the owner of her father Bastán. We also call her a "small rocket", although she is not small at all. She is a pile of inexhaustible energy, a combination of Hungarian and Spanish temperament to the bone, eternally noisy, with a huge need to be constantly in the spotlight, forever on her back legs  as if she wanted to be human and a never stopping kissing machine. Stela has a beautiful smile and magical eyes and, like her brother Míša, has mostly inherited Spanish genes. I'm really looking forward to see her growing.

Health examinations

Health examinations will be done and published in February 2023.


30. 4. 2022 - Club Speciality KCHMPP Mladá Boleslav - puppy class - VP1 (Thomas Becht)

3. 4. 2022 - MVP České Budějovice - puppy class - VP1 (Lenka Fairaislová)

6. 3. 2022 - KV KCHMPP Lysá n. Labem - puppy class - VP1 (Karel Hořák)

6. 2. 2022 - DuoCACIB Brno - baby class - VP1 - Antonín Karban

5. 2. 2022 - DuoCACIB Brno - baby class - VP1 - Otakar Vondrouš