Chenespace One in a Million

Czech Junior champion

6. 7. 2020

import Finland

Breeding bitch

Sire: Chenespace Troufion de Thuir (Fago de Alba de los Danzantes X Covermount Betty Boop)

Dam: Chenespace Here There and Everywhere (Chenespace Patron X Chenespace Cat out of the Bag)

about Millie

I chose Millie on purpose from her breeders and basically I received her as a birthday gift from my husband and at the same time as "band aid" for the misfortune that met us with the previous female. Millie comes from a kennel, which is known mainly for successful show dogs. My intention, as with all our dogs, was to include her to the pastures as livestock guardian with the rest of the pack. Millie turned out as a real LGD. Her evaluation of situations and behavior overall leaves me daily speechless . She is always looking for the highest spot on the pasture, to my "joy" it is a 5 meter high pile of wood. She sits there, stares into the distance, and has an overview of everything. If she is not sitting on an elevated spot, she goes around the whole pastures back and forward several times, then she checks and sniffs all the sheep, or she patrols the gate. Thanks to her extremely strong guarding instincts even the village cats had no courage to come close to the pastures. Due to the fact that she is constantly in motion and really "works" on the pasture, she might most of the time skinny. This is another thing that I realized thanks to her, and how very strongly the environment affects both the health and, to a large extent, the appearance of any individual. Millie is like a gift from heaven. Not only does she have an absolutely amazing nature, she is also very smart and above all absolutely healthy. Millie corresponds in every way to my idea about a high quality female. I hope that she will pass on her qualities to her descendants.

Health examinations

  • HD A/A
  • ED 0/0
  • PL 0/0
  • OCD free/free
  • LTV 0
  • SA 0
  • DM N/N
  • CMR1 N/N
  • DNA profile done
  • eyes healthy, free of inherited eye diseases
  • Shows

    30. 4. 2022 - Club Speciality KCHMPP Mladá Boleslav - intermediate class - Exc.2, res.CAC (Thomas Becht)

    3. 4. 2022 - MVP České Budějovice - intermediate class - Exc.1, CAC (Lenka Fairaislová)

    6. 3. 2022 - Krajská výstava Lysá nad Labem - intermediate class - VG1 (Karel Hořák)

    16.10. 2021 - KV KPP Kadlcův mlýn - junior class - Exc.1, CAJC (Elena Vespa)

    10. 10. 2021 - MVP České Budějovice - junior class - Exc.1, CAJC, BOJ (Olga Dolejšová)

    4. 7. 2021 - NV Klatovy - junior class - VG1 (Lenka Fairaislová)

    5. 6. - KV KPP Mohelnice - junior class - Exc.2 (Olga Dolejšová)

    Chenespace One in a Million