Rodentáli Zippa

12. 7. 2019

import Hungary

Breeding bitch

Sire: Rodentáli Bagó (Glatisant's Imperator X Rodentáli Stella)

Dam: Wonderwhite's Kind of Magic (Cubilon's Jon-Sen Jardinier X Wonderwhite's Humble Bee)

Mother of litter "A" - 9 puppies born from mating with Bastán Patou Von Traumberg

about Zippa

Zippa is a very energetic and kind female. She welcomes us every morning with a happy and warming whistle. She loves endless kissing and jumping on people. She is a very dominant female, she is a clear alpha in the yard and on the pastures as well. Although she doesn't come from working lines, and at first her energetic personality scared the sheep a little, she got used to the new environment. She is a great guard on the pastures, she walks and sniffs around, and she barks to let her colleagues know if backup is necessary or not. She is gentle and careful with the sheep, she does not chase them, but she does not let them get their heads into her bowl.

Zippa is a mother of one litter. For the moment, I would evaluate her descendants with Bastán (Míša) as very nice and cheerful and balanced individuals. We will see later, if it's true. Perhaps they will be in good health, because there is no reason to anticipate any problems. Zippa managed the birth absolutely wonderfully, no assistance was needed. She has great maternal instincts. She took wonderful care of her offsprings. This is a trait that I hope she passed on to her descendants. We do not have any specific breeding plans with her for the moment. Mainly due to the fact that the puppies were born with a considerable predominance of all-white individuals, albeit with a perfect pigment. Unfortunately, the long-term and purposefully maintained "all-white" dogs performed by her breeders is not so easy to eliminate. At the moment, I do not know about the existence of a stud male, that would fulfill my ideas of an ideal partner for her, ie. health, character and exterior suiting my requirements. Zippa gave us our little Astella, who we keep for breeding.

Health examinations

  • HD A/A
  • ED 0/0
  • PL 0/0
  • OCD free/free
  • LTV 0
  • SP 0
  • DM N/N
  • CMR1 N/N
  • DNA profil done
  • Eyes healthy, free of inherited eye diseases
  • Shows

    30. 4. 2022 - Club Speciality KCHMPP Mladá Boleslav - open class - Exc.1, CAC (Thomas Becht)

    5. 6. 2021 - KV KPP Mohelnice - intermediate class Ecx.1, CAC (Olga Dolejšová)

    4. 10. 2020 - MVP České Budějovice - junior class - Exc.1, CAJC, BOJ (Otakar Vondrouš)

    25. 7. 2020 - KC KCHMPP Mikulov - junior class - VG1 (Miroslav Václavík)